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Tri-Alliance Tips & Tricks Clinics

Each Saturday before every Gatorade Triathlon event our great partners at Tri-Alliance hold a Tips & Tricks Clinic in the event village between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.  The clinic covers all areas of triathlon racing to ensure you have a smooth, hassle free and enjoyable race. Registrations are required so please email or click the button below as places are limited.



Janna Simmons
All joking aside… I’ve enjoyed the training so much, it’s been challenging and made me question ‘WHY’ multiple times but the fun & camaraderie has been awesome and the support and encouragement is what has kept me coming back even if I’d rather curl up on the couch. Soooo looking forward to my first race and becoming a fully fledged TA member.

Claire Sanderson
The course has been such a fantastic experience. Not only to boost fitness but to learn about triathlons and how they actually work (this is my first tri). All the open water training has made me more confidant in the water and last nights session of focusing on our running styles really opened up my eyes to things I’d never thought about. The trainers are friendly and there advice has been invaluable. Bring on race 1!

Matt Bull
I’ve found it great to break up the monotony of running. Triathlon is definitely a step outside my comfort zone but the support and guidance of the Tri-Alliance team has been fantastic. I haven’t been able to attend all sessions but I’m very thankful for the time each of the coaches has spent with me. (Will post on the review page as well)

James Gardner
Thanks Scott, these sessions have been awesome – can’t recommend them highly enough, for people of all levels. They’ve added an extra dimension to my training, with some really handy tips, tricks and techniques. The crew and all the participants have been really friendly too, it’s been great fun training with other people for a change – such a fantastic community

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