Can I edit my existing registration (upgrade/downgrade distance or other)?

Yes. Use this link: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/AccessRegistration.aspx?E=35447
It will allow you to access your registration and make changes.

What category should I enter?

Select the ‘Award Category’ you would like to start in and have your result ranked against. There are Male or Female Age Categories, Male or Female Open Age Categories OR a Family and Friends Category for those that would like to race/start with their mates of different genders/ages. Please note the below will dictate which swim wave you start in. Elites need to hold a Triathlon Australia License or be endorsed by an accredited coach.

Is race 6 automatically olympic distance for series entries?

Yes, if you have entered the entire 2XU Sprint Series, race 5 is automatically upgraded to Olympic distance.

Do olympic distance races count for series points?

Only Olympic distance race 5 counts towards series points, races 1 and 2 you need to race sprint to get series points.

I registered for Race * but can no longer make it, what are my options?

If you can’t make a particular race you have registered for, we try to be as accommodating as possible. Before entries close if you provide a medical certificate we can transfer you into another race.

Can I get a transfer or refund on my entry?

Transfer of entry, Race to Race is possible if info@o2events.com.au is notified prior to Wednesday Midday of the race week.

The 2XU Triathlon Series has a no refund policy as outlined in the participant waiver accepted during the registration.
In exceptional circumstances where transferring to a future event is not possible, a refund can be made available minus a 20% Refund Administration Fee. 

If I can’t make it, can I transfer my entry to a friend?

Entries are non-transferable as outlined in the participant waiver, each person needs to fill out their personal information, emergency contacts and e-sign the participant waiver in the registration process. Therefore entries cannot be transferred between friends.

I entered but forgot to link my club for points, can I do this after the fact?

Feel free to flick us an email at info@o2events.com.au pre-race and we can get this sorted for you. If you do realize post-event, we ask that you contact us no later than 5 business days post-event to have you matched up.

Do i need a wetsuit?

Tri-Kids, not required, swim is very short and we feel better experience to move quickly from swim to bike without a wetsuit for Tri-Kids, they are permitted though.

Fun Tri, Optional, We’d estimate about 50% of Fun Tri participants wear wetsuits for their swim, these can assist in buoyancy for those less confident in the water or more for comfort in events earlier in the season where waters are colder.

Sprint and Olympic, We’d estimate 75% of the field wears a wetsuit for these swims, particularly for Olympic distance where time in the water is longer.


What’s a wave start?

A wave start is the time your time starts and sent off in the swim. This is coordinated by the Swim Cap Colour, combined with the category you have entered in. Eg. if you are Male 25-29 Pink Cap Black Print, you will need to start with this group, which may be a different time to another wave with the same colour, eg. Female 45-49 Pink Cap Black Print. It’s important to note both the cap colour and the category.

What happens if I don’t or can’t finish the swim?

This is ok – we have the swim leg adequately guarded by Elwood Surf Life Saving Club, with a mixture of Boards, IRBs and coordinating staff on the shore with medical staff. If you feel like you need help at any stage during the swim, the procedure is to raise your arm in the air. We recommend rolling onto you back with your feet to the shore in order to avoid waves hitting your face. Once back onshore, you are welcome to continue, joining your wave as they head through the swim finish and onto the Bike. You will receive times for your Triathlon, however, there will be a note of DNF next to result to ensure you don’t place in ranked results without completing the swim leg.

Prior to the Swim commencing you can also choose to bypass the leg entirely, opting to begin your triathlon from the swim finish, performing just the bike and the run. This also will be presented in the results like the above.

What is drafting?

Must keep a distance of 7 meters between the leading edge of the front wheel of the forward bike and the leading edge of the front wheel of the following bike, unless passing. Draft zones may overlap for safety reasons, leaving or entering transition and when making an acute/U-turn.

What type of bike do I need? Am I allowed to ride a mountain bike?

All bikes are welcome to our triathlon series, as you gain more experience you may want to start using a road bike, however mountain bikes are allowed to be used in the 2XU Tri-Series.

Do 2XU Tri Series/O2 Events Hire out bikes?

We don’t hire out bikes directly, however, if you get in touch with our event partner Ormond Giant, they will be able to help guide you with hiring/purchasing a bike.

Am I allowed to run with no t shirt?

No, all participants need to be wearing a t-shirt/singlet while on the run course. If you try to run topless the officials won’t let you out on the run.

I think my result is not quite right who can i speak to?

OZ Timing will be able to help with any result queries, contact them at: results@oztiming.com.au with your name and participant number

I still have my timing band by accident, where do I return it to?

It happens don’t worry, to avoid the fine post it back promptly to OZ Timing at: PO Box 2220, Brunswick East, VIC, 3057

How do I check my series points?

Series points are updated post each race, these can be found on our website here: www.2xutriathlonseries.com.au/series-results/

If I enter as a team do we all do 3 legs of the triathlon?

Entering as a team means you are splitting the triathlon legs (swim, bike, run) amongst your team members. Either 3 team members doing 1 leg each, or 2 team members doing 1 and 2 legs each.

How does the team event work?

Teams can consist of 2 or 3 members, dividing the Swim/Bike/Run legs up between the 2 or 3 members. ALL CHANGEOVERS occur at the bike rack, swapping the timing band from member to member. All team members will have a wristband to access transition.

How will COVID-19 affect the event?

We have a dedicated webpage that we will continue to update as we get closer to the event. Please keep up to date on this page https://www.2xutriathlonseries.com.au/covid-19/

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