Series Points and Prize Money

Elite prize money male and female

Please note prize money is associated with series points races

Races 1 – 5 (Sprint) & 6 (Olympic)

1st place  $600
2nd place $300
3rd place  $150

Individual Race Winners
Medals and Prizes | Individual Races

1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each category receive a medal, with 1st place also receiving a prize from one of our Series sponsors.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category for the Fun Tri races will receive a medal with 1st place also receiving a prize from one of our Series sponsors.

2XU Series Championship

We welcome all to enter the Series Championship. Participants are automatically entered upon registering in a 2XU Series race.

Points can be scored by finishing top 10 in the Sprint Distances in Races 1 – 5, and the Olympic Distance in Race 6, in Elite, Junior Elite, Age Group & Clydesdale/Athena categories; and for Youth and Multiclass Sprint Distance in all Races (1-6).

These categories are the only championship categories for the series. To win your category you must have competed in a minimum of three championship races.

Fun Tri Series Points

Points can be scored by finishing in the top 10 of each Fun Tri Race. Points are awarded to each award category (Age Categories & Para Multiclass). Please note points are not awarded to Teams or the Family and Friends category.

If you compete in all races your best four scores will determine your final position.

If an athlete competes in a championship category in either Olympic Distance at Race 3 or 4, or Sprint Distance at Race 6, zero points will be awarded for that race. However, in the spirit of participation, competitors taking part in these events will still be considered as having taken part in a series race (therefore contributing to the 3 race minimum requirement for series championship eligibility).
Competitors must ensure you enter the same category with each registration to accumulate series points and are only eligible to win in one category.
In the case of a tie a count back will determine placings. The participant with the highest number of wins shall be deemed the higher placing, with the Race 6 Series Point events receiving a 110% weighting. Subsequent finishing positions will be used in order to break a tie if required. 

The table below summarises the points available.

Finish Place

Points Race 1 – 5 – Sprint Distance & Fun Tri All Races

Bonus Points Race 6 Olympic Distance ONLY*

1st 15 20
2nd 12 15
3rd 10 12
4th 8 10
5th 6 8
6th 5 6
7th 4 5
8th 3 4
9th 2 3
10th 1 2

Tri Club Championship (Age Group and Open Categories)

The 2XU Tri Club Competition is certain to provide plenty of exciting racing between Victoria’s triathlon clubs and squads.
To ensure you are earning points for your club please select your Tri Club Name in the ‘Tri Club Name’ field when entering the event. If this needs to be changed after you have registered, please edit your registration through the registration confirmation email. No further club changes to registrations will be made after the start of each race, except for Race 6 where the deadline will be Saturday 2pm before the event.

Calculation Method for Tri Club / Schools / Multiclass Points

In the spirit of participation, one point is allocated to each club member competing in a Timed Triathlon; Olympic, Sprint or Fun Tri (excluding teams & aquabike).
Those who finish within the top five of their category (excluding Family & Friends) will also be awarded additional points to go towards their tally.
The best 15 competitor’s club points are summed to calculate the club’s point score for a particular race. Final places are determined by aggregate points scored over all 6 races.

Multiclass Tri Club Championship (Multiclass Categories)

The 2XU Triathlon Series is proud to host Multiclass Categories for Podium results, Female U18/O18 and Male U18/O18, providing an environment for those with Learning Difficulties to compete, in a fun professional environment.

To be eligible for this competition, competitors must race in Multiclass Categories.
The same method of calculation from the Tri Club Championship applies for the Multiclass Club Championship.

Credit in large part goes to Inclusive Sports Training, the only Club in this category currently.

School Championship

To be eligible for this competition, competitors must be a student at an Australian University, or primary or secondary school.
The same method of calculation from the Tri Club Championship applies for the 2XU Triathlon School Competition.
No further points adjustments will be considered after the start of each event.

Finish Place Bonus Points

Tri Club Championship Prizes:

1st = 5 1st = $500
2nd = 4 2nd = $300
3rd = 3 3rd = $200
4th = 2
5th = 1
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